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Each week, AFL draft expert Christopher Doerre - aka Knightmare - casts his eye over the countrys best junior footballers to give readers an early insight into the next generation of AFL stars.As well as attending live games, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful draft analysis.Aside from the weekly wrap, Doerre will also unveil his power rankings at the end of each month.And as we get closer to Novembers national draft, Doerre will also predict who goes where with his annual phantom draft.Player focus Claremont midfielder Sam Petrevski-Seton is one of several players in the mix for this years No.1 overall selection.He is one of this years more damaging players and has made a name for himself with his ability to take on the game with his run, evasiveness and dual-sided kicking.Petrevski-Seton has missed some games this year with hamstring issues, only joining West Australia for their last two games of the National Under-18 Championships.One eye-catching play from Petrevski-Seton that impressed in last weeks final round of the under-18 titles was when, with ball in hand and on the move at pace, he changed his running angle while maintaining his speed and then proceeded to lower his eyes and kick the ball inside 50m to a target.Throughout the season Petrevski-Seton has regularly made freakish plays. Often, when recognising the opposition defence is not organised or the man on the mark is not ready, he will correctly recognise the situation and play on, bursting away at speed.At his best he also has the confidence and composure with ball in hand to sidestep players on the move to either speed around and past them, or alternatively to create more time and space for himself to dispose of the ball on either side of his body.Analysis Petrevski-Seton has a big bag of tricks. He has speed, agility and evasiveness in combination with dual-sided kicking, ground level ability and game sense. He has also shown strong improvement at stoppages and has started to win more of his own ball and often looks to attack stoppages at speed to either win the ball himself or have it dished out to him on the outside. His game can reasonably be compared to Hawthorn and Port Adelaide premiership player Shaun Burgoyne - Petrevski-Seton possesses Burgoynes ability to excite and impact games from a variety of positions.He will over time need to get stronger, continue working on his contested-ball winning ability, improve his endurance and eliminate his occasional inconsistency. It would also from a recruiting perspective be terrific to see Petrevski-Seton receive a series of games at WAFL League level as he did late in 2015, to see how manages against more mature bodies.Playing league standard football in the SANFL and WAFL has over the years been a key indicator by recruiters to measure the readiness of AFL prospects to play at AFL level.Victorian prospect watch National Under-18 Championships - division one Vic Metro The play up forward of Patrick Kerr was a highlight for Vic Metro through the second half against Western Australia. The 194cm, 93kg forward is a strong-bodied, contested-marking forward and he took advantage of WAs undersized key defence group, finishing with 12 disposals, six marks (three contested), three goals, three behinds and two score assists. Aside from his contested marks, what was impressive from Kerr was his cleanness at ground level and agility, which are attributes he demonstrated on several occasions during the game, much to the surprise and interest of watchers.There were two exciting finishes from Kerr during the game. Just before half-time, Kerr inside 50m picked up a ground ball, handballed to a teammate, kept running, worked into space, received and finished for a goal with a snap from the boundary 25m from goal. On the other equally if not even more exciting play, Kerr picked up the bouncing ball on move and finished with a snap on his left boot from 25m, running towards the boundary in a play where he moved with the agility of a smaller forward.This was a performance from Kerr that will force clubs to re-assess his game, with his much-improved agility and cleanness at ground level elements that clubs will be watching for more of over the second half of the season.Kerr was named in the Under-18 All Australian team, after averaging three goals, six marks and just less than three contested marks per game over his three matches.Jordan Gallucci was involved in several damaging offensive plays. The most exciting of which was when he displayed an exciting 25m burst of speed from the centre square, running to 50m from goal and finishing on the run at speed. Gallucci also impressed when used behind the ball with his ability to read the flight and take intercept marks. Galluccis 15 disposals and two goals was a strong return.Daniel Venables again stood out with his aggressive tackling and attack on the ball. One of the most exciting plays of the five weeks came from Venables, from the first centre bounce of the second quarter. Teammate Luke Bunker won first possession at the centre bounce, handballed to Venables who was on the move at pace. Venables ran 20 metres to 55m from goal and kicked a long goal. Venables finished the game with 11 disposals, five inside 50s and two goals in a game where he made every touch count.Star athlete Andrew McGrath finished off the under-18 championships with a strong final match. McGrath took one of the most athletic leaping marks of the tournament, but unfortunately for him it was not paid, with a free kick awarded to his teammate. McGrath overall read the flight of the ball well in defence and also impressed with his run from defence. McGrath had 24 disposals (10 contested), three clearances and four rebound 50s in another productive but impactful display.Tim Taranto was among the most productive for Vic Metro with 24 disposals (eight contested), one goal and a team-high three score assists. What was most impressive from Taranto was his willingness to lower his eyes and find targets inside 50m, kicking the ball out in front of the player, forcing them to lead onto the ball. Also impressive from Taranto was his marking and work rate which was arguably as high as it has been this season.Vic Country Hugh McCluggage once against starred, only enhancing his chances of going top five in this years national draft. McCluggage was clean at ground level, showed excellent balance and ability to keep his feet. Upon receiving the ball by hand from teammate Willem Drew, McCluggage showed his quick reflexes and within a second of receiving the ball had already executed a handball of his own to a teammate. McCluggage found his targets by foot. It was also impressive to watch McCluggages work rate, as he continued to run hard offensively after disposing of the ball. McCluggage finished with 14 disposals (seven contested), four tackles and one goal in a game where every involvement was impactful.Joshua Battle was impressive up forward on the lead. For the game he finished with 10 disposals, five marks, four tackles, four goals and three behinds. Battle was impressive in a variety of ways - taking one-on-one marks, snapping goal from 30m off a handball receive and tackling speedster Josh Williams of the Allies in a play that led to a goal for Vic Country.Again impressive with his ability to win first possession at stoppages was William Brodie who was Vic Countrys best around the contest. Brodies 21 disposals (11 contested), seven tackles and one goal through the midfield was excellent.Impressing with his attack on the ball was Joseph Atley, the brother of North Melbournes Shaun. Atley impressed with 21 disposals (nine contested), four marks, four tackles and six clearances.Also requiring a mention were bottom-age prospects James Worpel, Lochie OBrien, Luke Davies-Uniacke and Hunter Clark who all made valuable contributions and made early cases that they will be players to watch in 2017.Bottom-age prospect Worpel demonstrated excellent ground-ball winning ability, footskills, work rate and explosive run. In what looked like a veteran move from Worpel, he appeared to pull up sore. Then as soon as the ball was bounced, Worpel won the ground ball in the contest and burst away explosively from the stoppage with ball in hand. His 15 disposals (five contested), four tackles, three clearances and seven inside 50s was an excellent return.OBrien offered some grunt around the contest. He won the contested ball at speed on several occasions and proved clean at ground level. He also used the ball well on several occasions, looking to bring teammates into the game. For a bottom-age player it was impressive for OBrien to identify star forward Ben Ainsworth as a player who needed to get involved in the contest, delivering the ball to Ainsworth on several occasions. This included a handball over the top to Ainsworth who was in the goal square to award Ainsworth with his only goal for the game, when OBrien himself could very easily have finished himself. OBrien had 20 disposals (11 contested), four marks, four inside 50s one goal and one score assist for the game.Davies-Uniacke had 16 disposals (seven contested), four marks, four inside 50s, two clearances and two score assists for the game. His attack on the ball and ability to win first possession was excellent. He also showed some signs with his movement and willingness to take on the game with ball in hand.Leading the team with his rebound from defence, Clark impressed with 14 disposals, (seven contested), three marks (one contested), four tackles and six rebound 50s.?Clark showed a good balance to his game between cleanness at ground level and one-on-one ability down back. Clark also at one stage delivered a powerful dont argue which proved effective.TAC Cup? Bendigo bottom age prospect Paddy Dow showed promise with 33 disposals (16 contested), 10 clearances, six marks, five inside 50s, one goal.Fellow Bendigo bottom ager Jarrod Brander, a 195cm key forward was also impactful with 15 disposals, eight marks (two contested), three goals, four behinds.Oakleigh bottom age prospect Charlie Thompson had an impact with 34 disposals (15 contested), five clearances and one goal through the midfield.Teammate and fellow bottom ager Jack Higgins, who represented Vic Metro through the under-18 championships was also impressive for Oakleigh 33 disposals (12 contested), six clearances and three goals.Top age key forward Karl Brown worked hard with 17 disposals, nine marks (two contested), three goals.Top age utility for Murray Lachlan Tiziani continues his strong form up forward with 12 disposals, seven marks (one contested) and six goals. With five, four and six goals in Tizianis last three games, he is back on the radar of recruiters this season.James Cousins also impressed for Murray, with 25 disposals (15 contested), five marks (one contested) seven tackles, eight clearances, three goals and two score assists.Matthew Signorello for Northern through the midfield had a big week with 33 disposals (21 contested), nine clearances and one goal.Lachlan Murphy also impressed for Northern with 27 disposals, (15 contested), six tackles, five clearances, five inside 50s, one goal and a team leading four score assists.South Australian prospect watch SANFL Reserves Anthony Stengle, a 179cm 19-year-old and older brother of South Australian under-18 representative Tyson, impressed for Port Adelaide in their win against Central Districts. Anthony managed 20 disposals while leading the team with 16 contested possessions, 10 clearances, nine inside 50s and four score assists.Midfielder Jake Comitogianni was among the best for Woodville West-Torrens with 25 disposals and three goals.Ben Jarman continues to impress for North Adelaide with 26 disposals (10 contested), 11 marks, one goal and two score assists.Jack Graham was also very good for North Adelaide with 24 disposals (11 contested), five marks, four tackles and three clearances and one goal.Jonty Scharenberg for Glenelg continued his consistent year with 26 disposals (11 contested), five marks, three tackles and four clearances through the midfield.Jake Pitman, a 177cm ball magnet managed 32 disposals (17 contested), eight marks, eight tackles, seven clearances and one goal for Norwood in their win over South Adelaide.Under-18s Ruck prospect Peter Ladhams for Norwood was a standout with his work around the ground. He finished the game with 25 disposals (13 contested), five marks, four tackles, 37 hitouts and seven inside 50s in a commanding effort.Kane Blades also stood out for Norwood with 21 disposals, six inside 50s, two goals and led the team with 11 marks (five contested), and four score assists.Sturt teammates and South Australian under-18 representatives Joel Thiele and Ty Bedford both performed strongly in Sturts 92-point win over Central Districts.Thiele dominated with 41 disposals (21 contested), 10 marks, five tackles, 11 clearances, 10 inside 50s, one goal and three score assists. Bedford was also excellent with 40 disposals, 10 marks, 11 contested possessions, 10 inside 50s, three goals and one score assist.Having made a name for himself as a forward who brings good tackling pressure, the 173cm Kahlin Santillo starred in North Adelaides 161-point annihilation of West Adelaide. Santillo had a team-high 41 disposals (19 contested), seven tackles, eight clearances, nine inside 50s, three goals and one score assist.Jake Wohling was also prominent for North Adelaide with 32 disposals (20 contested possessions), nine tackles, 14 clearances, five inside 50s and one score assist.Will Hayward capitalised up forward on North Adelaides midfield domination with 25 disposals (13 contested), seven marks (two contested), four tackles, four inside 50s, seven goals and six behinds.Western Australian prospect watch National Under-18 Championships - division one Shai Bolton continued to provide a spark for WA. He impressed with his cleanness at ground level and ability to win groundballs at speed. Bolton also provided meaningful run, taking on the game at pace. He also showcased some impressive evasive tricks in traffic, selling candy and avoiding tackles by raising his arms unexpectedly. His 13 disposals, four inside 50s and one goal is a good return for Bolton, as someone who doesnt need a lot of the ball to make something happen.Sam Powell-Pepper continued to excite with demonstrations of strength and power. On the move on one occasion, he powered through two tacklers, later executing a kick inside 50m hitting a teammate. Later in the game, Powell-Pepper shrugged off another tackle powerfully with an effective and powerful dont argue. Powell-Pepper managed 14 disposals (four contested), four tackles and three score assists.Top age midfielder Quinton Narkle impressed with his work rate. He took on the game regularly with his speed, continuing to run after disposing of the ball and providing a target on the outside. He finished the game with 17 disposals (five contested), five marks, two tackles, two goals and three score assists. While mostly quiet with eight disposals (five contested) and 10 hitouts, Griffin Logue produced one impressive play that had recruiters talking. The 193cm, 92kg forward was inside the forward 50m in a race to win the ball. He accelerated quicker than anyone else, creating separation. Getting to the ball first, he took the bouncing ball cleanly on the move, continued to accelerate and finished for the goal from 20m.Logue comes from a rowing background and has already played four WAFL League standard games for Swan Districts and not looked out of place which is a great sign.Also requiring mention for his highlight reel play is likely first-round prospect and athletic defender Joshua Rotham, who took an exciting speccy. Rotham in defence had 15 disposals, four marks (one contested), four tackles and five rebound 50s.Division two states (Tasmania, Northern Territory, NSW/ACT, Queensland and Northern Academy) prospects watch National Under-18 Championships - division one Kobe Mutch of the GWS Academy was the games most productive player as he so often is, with 28 disposals (10 contested), four marks (one contested), four tackles, three clearances, four inside 50s, four rebound 50s and two score assists. Mutch impressed with his ability to win the ground balls, crumb at the base of the pack and avoid tackles with his ability to sidestep.Jamie Hampton had a big impact from the back half with his run and carry. Hampton had 20 disposals (seven contested) and seven rebound 50s. On several occasions Hampton was seen taking on the game, running explosively with ball in hand for 20m or 30m at a time, bouncing the ball once or twice. He also did some other smart, instinctive things such as tap the ball onto a teammate in general play. An area of work for Hampton will be his kicking. He seems to rush his kicks at times and miss targets he would be expected at AFL level to hit.Ben Long had the difficult task of containing dangerous Victorian small forward and potential top-five selection Ben Ainsworth and did an admirable job. Long kept Ainsworth to just the five disposals, one mark and one cheap goal. Long won the matchup with 12 disposals, three marks (one contested) and five tackles. Also impressive from Long was an athletic intercept mark taken down back. He also on a few occasions took on the game with his run with his shrug of Joseph Atleys tackle particularly impressive, with Atley one of the stronger tacklers in the under-18s.Mitch Maguire, yet another in a long line of GWS Academy prospects, showed some promising signs. With so many Giants Academy prospects showing promise, there are only so many GWS can take, and Maguire looks like one who may not end up in western Sydney. Maguires foot skills, vision and finishing ability in front of goal have been excellent over the four games for the Allies. At 175cm, Maguire is one of several small forwards this year looking potentially draftable. Maguire finished the game with 19 disposals, eight contested possessions, three clearances and two goals.Brad Scheer, of the Gold Coast Academy, again has proven effective with 21 disposals (14 contested), six tackles, three clearances, three inside 50s, one goal and three score assists. Scheer also showed an excellent ability to draw free kicks with five free kicks for, often drawing the free kicks by lifting his shoulders while tackled. The key play of the game went to Scheer for his last-gasp, deciding goal which he got by drawing a high free kick in the forward pocket. He then proceeded to play on, snap and finish from 20m on a challenging angle. Terrell Brandon Jersey . It was Kerbers third final of the year after losing to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia in Monterrey in April and to Petra Kvitova of Czech Republic in Tokyo two weeks ago. The 10th-ranked German improved her record in finals to 3-5. J.R. Smith Jersey . Jay Feely kicked a 41-yard field goal in overtime, and the Cardinals edged the Tennessee Titans 37-34 in overtime after blowing a 17-point lead late in the fourth quarter. . - Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie never doubted he would bring back coach Dennis Allen for a third year despite back-to-back 4-12 records. George Hill Jersey . Pedro scored from a pass by Lionel Messi in the 33rd minute and added two more goals in the 47th and 72nd after Valdes saved his second penalty in four days following his stop in Wednesdays 4-0 over Ajax in the Champions League. Jeff Green Jersey . "No difference at all," chirped U.S. roommate and linemate James van Riemsdyk. "Its still the same cranky Phil. Collingwood, Manchester United, the New York Yankees - there is no in-between, you either love or loathe them.High-profile Collingwood recruit Sharni Layton hopes that transfers to the AFL clubs new national netball league team.The Magpies raised eyebrows with an aggressive recruiting drive for their new netball team and Layton, the Australian Diamonds captain, was one of the big signings.It sets up an obvious local rivalry with the Vixens.I hope that it translates across (from the AFL) to the netball club - we want that rivalry, she said.We want everyone talking about netball and creating that tension, which I think brings a whole new excitement.Yeah, were going to have people against us, but thats why we love in netball and thats what we love in sport.Collingwood now boast four teams, their AFL and VFL teams, plus the netball side and the AFL womens lineup.They are calling it the new Collingwood and Layton said it is a massive step forward for womens sport.Its really exciting and for us, the opportunity to be at Collingwood is phenomenal, she said.Were not used to having these facilities, but then also to be part of something bigger is really exciting.Having that community gives it a higher purpose.Theres a lot of expectation coming in and we just expected that, being part of the Collingwood brand, as the boys have copped all these years.Weere just happy to take that on.dddddddddddd.Layton fronted a Collingwood media conference on Tuesday with their AFL captain Scott Pendlebury and womens AFL star Mo Hope.The Magpies womens AFL team was to train for the first time on Tuesday night.As Scott mentioned, we never go out for anything less than a premiership, Layton said.Collingwood isnt just one of the best sporting clubs, its one of the best businesses in Australia.Hopes situation is different, given she is a pioneer for the AFL womens league.Ive come from just playing local football and you come into Collingwood and its mind-blowing, she said.Its all pinch yourself - Im in the gym, Pendles is on the treadmill and Im not sure how to train.There are all these amazing footballers and netballers around me - you get distracted.Its just every kids dream.Pendlebury said the addition of the womens teams had added to the environment at the club.Its a great opportunity for the girls to be able to interact with us, learn from us, especially from the football side of things, he said.The netball girls as well, in here working, its a great environment and you can see all the hard work.The gym is always packed ... there are always people in here trying to get better. 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